putting the tyger
back in the forest

A workshop that overcomes your verbal anxieties:
the craft of writing for busy professionals, coaxing mastered skills into the tangled jungle of print.
The course focuses on three elements:

1: identifying what you know that others don't – and to trust this knowledge
2: ways to imagine how readers will respond to this
3: how to cut, shape and select a text to put across why you love what you do

The wrong description can drive away exactly the people you want to reach. At this workshop, attendees will develop a document that can bridge this gulf, capturing the heart of your project in terms that appeal to clients, journalists, editors and TV producers – and fostering a self-awareness invaluable for long-term growth. If what you do is who you are, it becomes easier to explain both.

“I could have listened to Mark Sinker all day. I had a million questions to ask him but there wasn't enough time. His excellent session pointed out all the major pitfalls.”
Jane Dzisiewski, jeweller and Crafts Council Hothouse participant

“I would have liked to have a full day with Mark, who introduced vital work. He tackled really important and challenging issues. He was really accomplished and I felt he could really push me. Hopefully when I sit down to write about myself and my work I'll be able to have more fun with it, rather than just freezing.”
Sarah Warsop, design & dance, Crafts Council Hothouse participant

Mark Sinker has decades of experience as a writer and editor in the creative industries, including music, film and the arts. This workshop teaches confidence in print to creative professionals who do not identify as writers, exploring how to describe yourself and your work engagingly and usefully on-line and on paper.

enquiries: marksink3r at googlemail dot com