PUBLICATIONS (books, pamphlets and collections):

2004: if....: a study of the 1968 film by Lindsay Anderson, about a guerilla insurgency at an English public school; BFI Film Classics, 96 pp, pbk, illustrated, ISBN: 1 84457 040 1
2002: ‘The Rise and Sprawl of Horrible Noise’: a history and polemic about the avant-garde music genre known as ‘Noise’, first published as ‘Tangents: Lester Bangs’ in The Wire #211, September 2001, republished in substantially revised and expanded form on the web (currently unavailable during reorganisation of website)

PUBLICATIONS (collections):

2013: ‘Roots and Antennae, Tongues and Flight: Boney M Aboard the Black Star Liner’, collected in Adventure Rocketship Vol 1: Let’s All Go to the Science Fiction Disco, ed. Jonathan Wright, Tangent Books. ISBN-13: 978-1906477738
2012: Adam and the Ants, blogged for Hendrik Janosch’s One Week One Band blog
2009: ‘What About Death, Again? The Dolorous Passion of the Son of Pop’, collected in The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson, ed. Mark Fisher, Zero Books, 310 pp, pbk, ISBN 978-1-84694-348-5
2009 (date written): ‘A Splendidly Elaborate Living Orrery: Further Thoughts on Black Science Fiction and Transplanetary Jazz’, collected in Afrofuturism: Interstellar Transmissions from Remix Culture, ed. Tobias Van veen (collection still seeking publisher)
2003: ‘Math Destruction’ (see below) collected in Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003, Da Capo Press, 336 pp, pbk, ISBN: 0306812363
2002: ‘Destroy All Music’ (about the influence on music of Futurism and the Art Of Noises), The Wire #180, February 1999, collected in Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music (Collected Essays from the Undercurrents Series), Continuum Books, 288 pp, pbk, ISBN: 0826464505
1999: ‘Concrete, so as to Self-Destruct: the Etiquette of Punk, its Habits, Rules, Values and Dilemmas’, in ed.Roger Sabin, Punk Rock: So What – The Cultural Legacy of Punk (Routledge)
1997: ‘shhhhhh!’ (about John Cage and musique concrete), Musical Quarterly Vol.81 No.2, Summer 1997
1995: ‘Music as Film’, in Celluloid Jukebox: Popular Music and the Movies since the 50s, ed. Jonathan Romney and Adrian Wootton, BFI Publishing

PUBLICATIONS (periodicals):

In Film Quarterly:

2012: ‘POLCATS: Debating Chris Marker’s A Grin Without a Cat’—Mark Sinker discusses director Marker’s epic history of the New Left (and the tasks of the critic) with (then) Film Quarterly editor Rob White
Winter 2009-10: ‘Catcalling’, on Chris Marker’s ‘A Grin without a Cat’
Fall 2008: ‘Ghost Law’, on the documentaries of Adam Curtis
Winter 2007-08: portmanteau review of and essay on ‘Control’, ‘Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten’, ‘This Is England’ (topic: punk and other youth subcultures on film, nostalgia)

In Sight and Sound:

2010: 'Selling England by the Pound’, July, on overlooked British cinema from the late 60s and early 70s
2010: ‘Alice through the Lens’, April, a history of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece in cinema
1999: ‘The Trucam Show’, July (topic: the webcam phenomenon)
1999: ‘One Deadly Summit’, January (topic: on the IMAX-format movie Everest)
1998: ‘Here’s Looking at You, Kid’, September (topic: Glam Rock as a precursor of Queer)
1998: ‘Y is for Youth’, June (topic: a guide to ‘Teenage’ as a theme in movies)
As well as regular film reviews 1994 to date: most recently of Pat Collins’s Silence

In Children’s Literature in Education:

2005: ‘Talking Tolkien: the Elvish Craft of CGI’, vol.36, No.1, March issue, co-authored with Dr Victoria de Rijke, Reader in Arts and Education at Middlesex University

In the Village Voice:

2003: ‘Slay Miserables’, 24 March
(topic: the Buffy the Vampire Slayer single-episode musical ‘Once More with Feeling’)
2002: ‘Math Destruction’, 6 November
(about Yannis Xenakis, influence and originality in avant garde composition)
1990: ‘Lost in Space’, 31 July
(covering the 6th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers in Groningen)

In The Wire:

2001: ‘Tangents: Lester Bangs’, #211 Sept
(topic: history and polemic about the avant-garde music genre known as ‘Noise’ (see above)
1999: Epiphanies: Cecil Taylor, #190/91 Dec/Jan
1999: ‘Destroy All Music’, #180 Feb (topic: what Futurism and the Art Of Noises did for music) (see also above)
1998: ‘A Huge Ever-Pulsating Brain’, #171 May (portrait of Robert Moog, synthesiser pioneer)
1996: ‘Faith No More’, #148 June
(topic: breaking recording contracts as an aesthetic device – Neil Young, Lou Reed, Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Frank Zappa, Lennon & Ono)
1995: ‘Singing the Body Electric’, #139 Sept (topic: Leon Theremin and other pioneers of electronic instrumentation)
1995: ‘Darkness at the Edge of Town’, #138 Aug (topic: Pere Ubu on record)
1994: ‘Din Locator’, #124 June (topic: interview with New York avant-gardist Phill Niblock)
1993: ‘A Year in Revolt’, #111 May (topic: 1968 25 years on: its legacy in music)
1993: ‘Art Snob Eat This’, #110 Apr (topic: Radical taboo-busting in art and music)
1992: ‘Back from Another World’, #105 Nov (topic: Stockhausen’s music considered as a psychotropic experience)
1992: ‘Uncaged’, #104 Oct (topic: John Cage obituary)
1992: ‘Taking Modern Culture by Strategy’, #104 Oct (topic: Interview with Brian Eno)
1992: ‘Can I Be Frank…?’, #103 Sept (topic: Singing and songcraft from Sinatra to Costello)
1992: ‘A Brief History of Troublemaking’, #99 May (topic: Dada, Fluxus, punk and the rest)
1992: ‘Deep Background Noise’, #96 Feb (‘Music & Technology’ theme issue) (topic: the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop)
1992: ‘Loving the Alien/In Advance of the Landing’, #96 Feb (topic: Black science fiction as a theme in music)
1991: ‘Last Rites’, #89 July (topic: guide to Stravinsky’s CBS recordings of his entire oeuvre)
1990: ‘Free Samples’, #77 July 1990 (topic: the new sampling/dance-music avant-garde)
1986-90: ‘The Sound of Africa’, monthly Wire column on African music
1986: ‘Message from Mali’, #33 Nov
(topic: first UK interview with Malian singer-star Salif Keita)
As well as regular interviews and disc and book reviews 1983 to 2000.

In Arena:

1991: ‘Serial Thrills’, March/April
(topic: why serial killers have become a pop-cult phenomenon)
1990: ‘Fear of a Black Planet’, Summer/Autumn
(topic: Samuel R. Delany, Octavia Butler and the rise of Black Science Fiction)
1989: ‘The Planet Talks Back’, Summer
(topic: Jim Lovelock’s Gaia theory)

In The Face:

1990: ‘Animal Magic’, June
(topic: gene-splicing and man-made animals)
1989: ‘Eco-Terror’, December
(topic: Green guerrilla action)
1989: ‘Sun Ra: the Brother from Another Planet’, September
(topic: interview with the pioneer jazz experimentalist)

In New Statesman & Society (NSS):

1990: ‘Enter the Twilight Zone’, 6 July
(topic: science fiction and the new comicbook weeklies)
1990: ‘Enemy of the People’: 23 February
(topic: controversies surrounding the rap group Public Enemy)
As well as regular book reviews and columns on pop cultural matters 1989-91.

In The Sunday Correspondent Colour Supplement

1990: ‘Nanotechnology: this Year’s Chaos’, 3 June

In New Musical Express (NME):

1988: ‘Black Rock Coalition’, 23 April
(topic: New York aesthetico-political movement to reclaim rock as a black cultural voice)
1988: ‘Look Back in Anguish’, 2 January
(topic: images of England in rock’n’roll)
1987: ‘The Boy in the Boycott’, 4 April (with Terry Staunton)
(topic: analysis of whether Paul Simon’s LP Graceland broke the Anti-Apartheid Boycott).
1987: ‘Lovebites and Garlic’, 17 January
(topic: a history of the vampire movie)
1986: ‘A Fine Romance’, 20 September
(topic: contrasting the treatment of sex in UK and US sitcoms)
1986: ‘Voix D’Afrique’, 31 May
(topic: first UK interview with Senegalese singer-star Youssou N’Dour)
As well as regular interviews, and disc, book and film reviews 1983-88.
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