Mark Sinker

I write, though not so much for money these days: if it's a Potlatch then boy are you in debt to me... For my actual living, I edit and proof-read: I'm really really good at this -- contact me for my rates.

I've worked on everything from pop weeklies to academic journals; I'm also on the radio now and then (and the internet non-stop). I like most when disciplines and their discontents crackle against one another: specialist expertise is important, but what matters is how it emerges into the non-specialist world.

Current projects

A Hidden Landscape Once A Week

In May 2015, I ran a conference at Birkbeck College, on the evolving politics of rock-writing. A companion anthology, with illustrations by Savage Pencil, is on its way shortly, featuring such voices as Val Wilmer, Richard Williams, Mark Williams, David Toop, Tony Stewart, Bob Stanley, Jon Savage, Cynthia Rose, Penny Reel, Mark Pringle, Edwin Pouncey, Tony Palmer, Liz Naylor, Charles Shaar Murray, Paul Morley, John Ingham, Barney Hoskyns, Jonathon Green, Beverley Glick, Paul Gilroy, Simon Frith and Nigel Fountain (plus also me)…

More about the book

Ongoing stuff


Mainly these days I write for Freaky Trigger, and now and then for Sight and Sound and The Wire. Contact me if you want to change this: marksink3r at googlemail dot com

Recent writing


I co-host A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou with Eli Sessions, exploring the art of the science-fiction short story, and I'm often on Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop: both of these air through the graces of Resonance104.4FM. (Both shows currently on hiatus: some new projects in plan when any of us get a moment. We’re not paid, you know.)

Other places

I have three blogs now, plus a more-or-less moribund live journal and a tumblr. Semi-transparent socks I can be found under, round the place, include belle le triste, tierce de lollardie, pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør, dubdobdee and variations thereof.